The Varied Elements of Nature Photography

Keen photographers may wish to specialize in a specific area, and nature is particularly appealing. However, wildlife photography can actually be pretty challenging, and this blog seeks to explore elements of nature that are equally fascinating.

Readers will discover interesting articles on how to photograph landscapes, plants, animals, and smaller creatures, such as insects. And of course, the stunning photographs that accompany the advice are not to be missed!

Visitors will enjoy in-depth guides from industry experts and learn the secrets of macro photography, why fast shutter speeds matter, and purchasing a telephoto lens.

Wildflower photography tips

3 Feb 2023

Whilst photographs are best taken in overcast conditions, it is also possible to shoot wildflowers in bright sunlight. The key is to use a translucent material draped nearby to create a softbox effect. To get that perfect picture, a selection of different materials can help to get just the right amount of light.

Tips for Wildlife Photography

29 Dec 2022

Taking photos of wildlife is best done within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset when the light is not too harsh. Aim to get an eye level shot of the animal whilst also paying attention to the background. Continuous frame advance and AF points will help with sharper images.

How to Photograph Landscapes

14 Nov 2022

Light is the most important factor when taking any photograph. The best light can be found at the rising or setting of the sun. Finding interesting angles to get the most appealing photos whilst making use of a tele lens and optimal settings for the sky and foreground will also help.

Simple Insect Macro Photography

2 Oct 2022

Use a macro lens and flash to get incredibly detailed photos of insects. Early morning is the best time as insects tend to move slowly at this time, making them easier to photograph. To get the right focus and angle, keep the camera fixed and move the branch the insect is on.