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Camas County High School students monitoring on Buttercup Creek,
a tributary to Willow Creek

At this site local high school students conducted monitoring of this tributary creek to Willow Creek as part of a whole watershed project initiated by the Pacific Rivers Council. The students participated in macroinvertebrate sampling, water quality monitoring, fish shocking and measuring, and riparian and channel evaluation. Their results have given local resource management agencies and private landowners necessary baseline information about the condition of the watershed. Now the success of future efforts to improve livestock management and restore past damages from cows, road and mines can be measured.

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After the movie downloads, you simply click the mouse down on the picture (starting in the center works best) or use the arrow keys to scroll around. You can use the "control" and "shift" keys to zoom in and out on the panorama. Set your monitor to view "Thousands of Colors", if possible.

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