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Community Watershed Partnerships

 The Trout Creek Mountains, Oregon

Looking down on Whitehorse Creek. Whitehorse Creek.

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Conflict created the Trout Creek Mountain Working Group in 1988. Deterioration of 160 miles of perennial streams in southeast Oregon's high desert country had caused a serious decline in the threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout population. Faced with the elimination of grazing, the group has been working instead, to craft allotment management plans that provide for both the ecological health of the land and the economic well-being of ranchers.

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Trout Creek Mountains QuickTime VR's
You can download high quality QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas below. Once downloaded, you can navigate in a 360 degree circle, viewing everything that is visible from one spot.  You simply click the mouse down on the picture and scroll around. These QTVR pans take about 2 minutes to download for viewing with a 28 k modem. See QTVR Information for necessary plug-ins and preferred setup.

Pole Patch on Little Whitehorse Creek
Pole Patch area on Little Whitehorse Creek.

1972 Exclosure on Little Whitehorse Creek
Little Whitehorse Creek in Trout Creek Mountains.

Exclosure on Whitehorse Creek
Whitehorse Creek in Trout Creek Mountains.

Trout Creek Mountains QuickTime Video

You can play a QuickTime Video of a Digital Elevation Map (DEM) flyin to the Trout Creek Mountains area below. With our new compression techniques, this 10 second video will only take about 1-2 minutes to download for viewing with a 28 k modem. This video must use the QuickTime 3 plug-in. You can obtain the necessary QuickTime plug-in at the Apple QuickTime Software page. We're sure you'll agree that this video will be worth the short wait.

DEM Fly-in to the Trout Creek Mountains Area

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