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The Aurora Project is available as an interactive CD- ROM. This CD-ROM includes several "hot spots" within each panorama. Movies, slide shows and accompanying sound files play immediately when a hot spot is found. Due to space limitations and internet download speed these hot spots are not yet available on the Internet. Please order the CD-ROM to experience the complete "virtual exploration" of selected "Community Watershed Partnerships" located in the Western states. This CD-ROM will run on a Macintosh Power PC computer and a Windows 95/98 or NT Pentium computer with the system requirements below. Note! The QuickTime movies on this CD-ROM have been produced to play in a larger window and at a faster data rate than many produced in the past. This will give you a better visual experience, but also requires that the processor speed and multimedia components of your computer should be as fast and up to date as possible.

System Requirements
  • QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas and QuickTime video are what make this program special. This CD-ROM has not been produced for a low end computer system. Your computer system should have a minimum of a twelve speed CD-ROM drive, 24 MB of RAM, a system that can play sound and a monitor capable of displaying 16 bit color. (Tests done on 6 and 8 speed CD-ROM players show that the movie clips may sometimes exhibit uneven playback ability. Other parts of the program should play correctly with these slower drives.)
  • Please make sure your computer can properly play other interactive multimedia CD-ROM titles which contain audio, photo and video files. MMX technology is desirable for Windows playback.
  • Your display control panel must be set on Hi Color (16 Bit). Some CD-ROMs force your computer to display in 256 colors and this setting will not be acceptable for this Aurora CD-ROM.

Please e-mail Project Director Jack Peterson at if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the CD-ROM. Please indicate whether you would like a Mac Power PC or Windows 95/98 Pentium version and give your full mailing address.

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