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Welcome to The Aurora Project
Community Watershed Partnerships - A Virtual Exploration 

Bass Creek in the Muleshoe Ranch area.

Please note the information on this web site has NOT been updated since 1998. This site should be viewed as an "archived" project that is being provided with complimentary hosting by Mountain Visions.
Water...the essential ingredient to life in the arid west. How much water we have and how clean it is depends on the health of our watersheds. This fact has spurred people across the west to cooperate with one another and with nature in community watershed partnerships. 

You're invited to explore a variety of riparian environments where work to restore damaged watersheds has been rewarded by significant improvements in watershed health and productivity.

You may find ways to apply the successes showcased here to your favorite watershed.

At each Community Watershed Partnership site, you'll be able to navigate QuickTime VR panoramas of the watershed. The Indepth Info area has papers and further information related to the restoration and management of riparian areas and watersheds. 

New! QuickTime Videos of Digital Elevation Map (DEM) animations for each site are now available to view.

Start your virtual exploration on the web by clicking on the Community Watershed Partnerships link below.

The Aurora Project is also available as an interactive CD- ROM.
This CD-ROM includes several "hot spots" within each panorama. Movies, slide shows and accompanying sound files play immediately when a hot spot is found. Due to space limitations and internet download speed these hot spots are not yet available on the Internet.  Please order the CD-ROM to experience the complete "virtual exploration" of selected "Community Watershed Partnerships" located in the Western states.

The Aurora Project can also be used in interactive computer kiosks in interpretive centers.

Aurora CD-ROM

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