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Aurora Project CD-ROM Credits

  BLM logo.DOI logo. A production of the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of Interior

Project Directors and Co-Producers are Jack G. Peterson, Western Field Project Manager, National Office the Director, Bureau of Land Management and Dr. Jack E. Williams, Senior Aquatic Ecologist for the National Office of the Bureau of Land Management.

 Mountain Visions logo.
Produced by Gary O. Grimm and Katy Flanagan,
Mountain Visions, Boise, Idaho.

Photography and videography by Mountain Visions, except where noted. 

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Interface layout and design by Beth Workman, Zeland Studio, Boise, Idaho.
  In studio narration by Jane Crosby, Boise, Idaho.

Narrative writing by Dr. Jack E. Williams, Jack G. Peterson and Jane Crosby.

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Special thanks to The Nature Conservancy

 Thanks to the following resource people for all their help with the Aurora Project;

Julie Lewis and Chris Catherman, Contracting Officers, BLM, Boise, Idaho.
Cal McCluskey, Mark Hilliard, Don Smurthwaite, Karl Gebhardt, Michael Candelaria, Tom Spencer, Meggan Laxalt, Jerry Rohnert, Terry Rich and Judy Zucker, BLM, Boise, Idaho.
Wayne Elmore, Steve Leonard, National Riparian Service Team, BLM, Prineville, Oregon.
Jim Eisner, Marci Todd, BLM, Prineville, Oregon.
Mathew Millenbach, former BLM Deputy Director, Washington, D.C.
Michael Dombeck, former BLM Director, Washington, D.C.
Francis Pandolfi, formerly National Office of the Director, BLM, Washington, D.C.
Steve Garcia, USGS, Boise, Idaho.
Alan Sands, The Nature Conservancy, Boise, Idaho.
Gary Dreier, Chip Calamaio, Steve Frissbee, and Bill Deegan, National Training Center, BLM, Phoenix, Arizona.
Jeanie Linn, BLM, Escalante, Utah.

Photographers and artists;

Dave Kreuper, Tom Kucera, Lynn McCulloch, Dave Maslowski, John N. Rinne, Alan Sands, Wendy Shattil/Bob Rozinski, Brian E. Small, Sherm Spoelstra, Ron Spomer, Dennis Tol, Tom J. Ulrich, Walt Van Dyke, Rolland K. White.

Community Watershed Partnership Collaborators

We would like to give a hearty thanks to all the gracious people who hosted our visits and helped us gather material.

Mattole River

Maureen Roche, Mattole Salmon Group, Petrolia, California.
Gary "Fish" Peterson, Mattole Salmon Group, Petrolia, California.
William Ransom, Sanctuary Forest, Whitethorn, California.
Colum Coyne, Mattole Salmon Group, Redway, California.
David Simpson, Mattole Salmon Group, Petrolia, California.
Rex Rathbun, Mattole Salmon Group, Petrolia, California.
Rob Yosha, Mattole Salmon Group, Petrolia, California.
Seth Zuckerman, Mattole Restoration Council, Petrolia, California.
Ali Freedlund, Mattole Restoration Council, Petrolia, California.
David Fuller, Fisheries Biologist, BLM, Arcata, California.
Gary Pritchard-Peterson, BLM, Whitethorn, California.
Lynda Roush, Arcata Resource Area Manager, BLM, Arcata, California.
Whitethorn Elementary School, Whitethorn, California.
Patrick Higgins, Klamath River Information System, Arcata, California.

Trout Creek Mountains

Thomas Forre, Jerry Taylor and Alice Bronston, BLM, Vale, Oregon.
Doc and Connie Hatfield, Trout Creek Mountain Working Group, Brothers, Oregon.
Monty Montgomery, Izaak Walton League, Portland, Oregon.
Ron Rhew, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Portland, Oregon.

Willow Creek

Cindy Deacon Williams, Pacific Rivers Council, Eagle, Idaho.
John Madden, retired Forest Service District Ranger, Fairfield, Idaho.
John Shelley, USDA-Forest Service, Fairfield, Idaho.
Gary Fullmer, Forest Service, Fairfield, Idaho.
Pete Ridder, Camas County School District, Fairfield, Idaho.
Meg Kevan, Gooding County Extension Office, Gooding, Idaho.
Camas County High School FHA Group, Fairfield, Idaho.
Camas County High School students, Fairfield, Idaho.
Hal McNee, local landowner, Ketchum, Idaho.
Mark Toone and Dave Coates, local landowners, Fairfield, Idaho.
Scott Boettger, Wood River Land Trust, Ketchum, Idaho.
Kimberly Hackett, BLM.
Joe Russell, BLM.
Sonny Buhidar, DEQ.
Rob Sharpnack, DEQ.
Bruce Lium, American Water Resources Co.
Chuck Warren, Idaho Fish & Game.
Greg Wooten, Idaho Fish & Game.
Dave Parrish, Idaho Fish & Game.

45 Ranch

Alan Sands, The Nature Conservancy, Boise, Idaho.
Trish Klahr and Lou Lunte, The Nature Conservancy, Ketchum, Idaho.
Leo Coleman, BLM, Boise, Idaho.
Leona Hatch, local permittee, Duck Valley, Idaho.

Muleshoe Ranch

Jeff Simms, BLM, Tucson, Arizona.
Ron Harper, BLM, Phoenix, Arizona.
Bob Rogers and Susan Crask, The Nature Conservancy, Muleshoe Ranch, Arizona.
Ed Brunson and Cristine Conte, The Nature Conservancy, Tucson, Arizona.

San Pedro River

Dave Kreuper, BLM, Sierra Vista, Arizona.
Jesse Juen, BLM, Tucson, Arizona.
Friends of the San Pedro, Sierra Vista, Arizona.
Partners in Flight, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Wavy bar.

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